‘I like to move it, move it!’

When you’ve been told to self-isolate, the kids are home from school, and you can’t find hand wash or loo roll for love nor money, it is completely understandable if your first instinct is to grab a box set, a blanket, a family box of Maltesers and a vat of wine!

However…this is probably the most important time of all to do everything we can to look after our health and stay well.

Let me reassure you that these are very much words to myself!!

A madly unflattering photo of me first thing this morning, in my gym kit with a fit ball, ready (and mostly willing!) to keep exercising!

So here are some suggestions for all of us to get moving, whether for the first time ever, or whether to keep going with your fitness and your children’s:

Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, has stepped up to offer himself as the nation’s PE teacher 😀💪👌: https://www.instagram.com/p/B96cmfkn591/?igshid=133jbti606rv1

Here are some more ideas from a home schooler: https://simplybewildandfree.com/978/10-minute-homeschool-workouts/

More ideas to follow! And please post your ideas below in the comments.