About Connected Coaching

Why Connected Coaching?

Connected Coaching was born out of a passion to see people thrive no matter where you find yourself or at whatever stage of life.

You are created to be connected – to other people – to your environment – to your friends, families and communities. Sometimes you may find even yourself feeling disconnected within yourself – heart, head and gut misaligned, internally conflicted.

My name is Judith Knight and my background is as a Learning & Development professional and Executive Coach. I am also a parent, a wife, an artist, and a businesswoman with a strong faith, clear values and a powerful vision.

How can Connected Coaching help you?

Over the last 10+ years I have helped individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their goals. How?

  • By showing you how to create compelling outcomes for yourself and for your business.
  • By sharing my depths of knowledge and experience with you, and teaching new skills and techniques to quickly achieve your goals.
  • By helping you discover more about yourself, gain new insights and get equipped.
  • By supporting your organisation to creatively solve people and skills issues.
  • By showing businesses how to align their skills and talent development with their strategy and operational planning so that the two work in tandem for high performance.

What kind of people and businesses have I worked with?

I count it my privilege to have worked alongside a wide range of people including those who are long term benefits claimants; MBA students; people with disabilities, addictions and illness; manufacturing staff; graduates; teams of office colleagues; academics with multiple Masters degrees and Doctorates; managers; leaders; Directors and Chief Executives.

Each one of these people has one thing in common. They each have intrinsic worth. They have skills and talents, some obvious others more hidden. Life can be like a boat ride in choppy seas – you can get knocked back, knocked down and you can doubt yourself. Some people have never had self-belief. Some have never had anyone else believe in them, and yet every person has potential. At some point in life, everyone gets a bit stuck. And yet each one can be an overcomer and can soar to new and as yet unimagined heights.

My heartfelt desire is to see people live life to the full: heads lifted high, visions realised and lives changed for the better. Whether it’s working with individuals, charities, private business, community organisations, SMEs – there’s always a positive difference to be made.

Who am I as a person?

As well as being Director of Connected Coaching, I love to be creative. I play the piano and sing, and ensure that I make time to create mosaic fine art and jewellery, as well as pen and ink drawings. I run Connected Creativity workshops and retreats from my studio from time to time.

When I’m not busy doing the above, you might find me being a Business Mentor for local charity Young Gloucestershire, interviewing on a Prince’s Trust programme, helping students come up with business ideas for Young Entrepreneur, or working with GFutures in schools make valuable connections from education to business and vice versa. It’s all about releasing purpose and potential.

Anyone can call themselves a coach, so am I qualified?

You can be reassured by my credentials:

  • Qualified and licenced to interpret the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP)
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner
  • Masters level in Executive Coaching through Bristol Business School (course recognised by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and additional CPD in Advanced Coaching and Team Coaching
  • Certificate in Learning & Development Practice (CIPD)
  • Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
  • BA(Hons) Oxon – joint honours degree in Modern Languages

What area does Connected Coaching cover?

I love to support Gloucestershire businesses and am a GL:Ambassador committed to promoting our county. I work within a 50 mile radius of my office in Brockworth Village near Gloucester and love to get out into the farthest flung corners of the county. I am also available for coaching and consultancy further afield and internationally via the wonder of Skype, telephone and email.

What next?

To talk about how we could work together and what Connected Coaching can do for you, your business or organisation, you can give me a call on 07941 523842 or drop me a line at Judith@connectedcoaching.co.uk.




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